Right Before My Eyes

(© R. Martin)

Calm me down I’m mad as I can be
I’ve seen something I thought I’d never see
You made promises you just can’t keep
Now, I’m stuck there’s no way to retreat

When you lied – how I cried
Out so angrily
Can’t you see
Everything right before your eyes

Turn back the clock – Time will be
Stop – When you’ll see
War – Problems solved
Now – Peacefully
But till that time – We agree
Speak – Resolved to be
Out – Unwavering

To thine self you always must be true
What went wrong, you never had a clue
When you spoke, each word upon your lip
Stumbled out like half and ounce of wit


When you strike – patriots fight
so courageously
giving life and limb for your mistake

Sympathy abounds in cruel wounds
When you had your chance to do some good
Abuse of power may be a mortal sin
Drink a cup of oil and cash it in

When you lied – how I cried out
Honestly, questioning everything

Right there before my eyes
Right there before my eyes
Right there before my eyes

Right Before My Eyes

Right Before My Eyes Credits

Rex Martin – Lead Vocals, Piano, Keyboard Recorders
Kenny Pemberton – Lead Guitar
Jack Gummer – Rhythm Guitar
Rusty Humphrey – Bass

Guest Musicians:
Kevin Kouts – Drums
Dave Langfitt – Vocals