Out of the Woodwork CD

Lyrics, Song Credits & Liner Notes

Why Can’t It Wait
The Day Will Not Come
Ballad of John Doe
They Shoot Horses, Don’t They
Interstate Blues
St. Petersburg Stomp
Right Before My Eyes
Do It To Ya
Queen Bee
The Road to Mt. Taylor
Would Anybody Guess
Living Without Love

CD Credits

Rex Martin – Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals
Laura Feltner – Vocals
Kenny Pemberton – Guitar, Bass
Jack Gummer – Guitar
LittleOscar Bruce McDougall – Drums
Eddy “Rusty” Humphrey – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Guest Musicians:
Kevin Kouts – Drums
Larry Conarroe – Drums
Lorne Batman – Vocals
Kyrie Martin – Vocals
Dave Langfitt – Vocals, Additional Keyboards

Rex Martin

Mixing and Artistic Input:
Kenny Pemberton
Rex Martin
Dave Langfitt
Tim Brickley – Hit City Recording, Indpls.
Alan Johnson – Static Shack Studios, Indpls.

Alan Johnson – Static Shack Studios, Indpls.

Recorded at:
Wishful Thinking Studios, Indpls.
Hit City Recording, Indpls.

2B Stainless

2B Stainless