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Music has always been part of Rex Martin’s life. At a young age, he spent many hours composing music on his grandmother’s 1907 Steinway piano. His musical interests were varied having been brought up listening to musical theatre and classical, and then becoming mesmerized with rock n’ roll and its many forms in the 1960’s.

While a student at Purdue University, he could be found improvising on the pianos at the Memorial Union and Stewart Center. Also at Purdue, he continued to express his creative side playing keyboards in the Experimental Music Ensemble. Following college, he and former wife, Joyce,* started Wonderwall, a popular retail record store located on Indianapolis’ eastside; the store operated from 1973 until 1983.

From 1981-1986 Rex played keyboards and sang in three local Indianapolis bands including: The Positions, and co-led the bands, The Obvious, and Abstractions with Joyce. Throughout this period, Rex continued to write original music, at times collaborating with Joyce. In 1981, Abstractions released a 45 rpm featuring the songs Why Can’t it Wait and Ssss. In 1985, the Abstraction’s EP “Check it Out” was released featuring almost all original songs. Later that year, Abstraction’s music video “Wah-wah” was featured on MTV Basement Tapes.

After Abstractions, Rex went back to his classical roots, releasing “The Wedding Collection,” which he composed and arranged for a string quartet. This album was offered to the public from 1986-1994. Seeking to further enhance his musical knowledge in the area of composition, Rex earned his Master of Musical Composition from Butler University in 1999. For his thesis, he composed a piece for full orchestra in the classical tone poem style. “MGY 04141512” was a musical description of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

He then reentered the pop/rock scene with The Reverberators from 2000-2006. He is now currently in 2B Stainless (formerly the Moon Rocks), a band whose focus is original music that he has lead since 2006. Rex appears regularly in the Indianapolis area and enjoys relaxing with his wife, children, grandchildren and dogs.

* Joyce now resides in sunny Los Angeles with her husband, Paul; she can be reached at

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